Chill Hack(The Easy Way)

fig 1: nmap result
fig 2: FTP Anonymous login
fig 3: note.txt
fig 4: Content of note
fig 5: gobuster result
fig 6: command interface
fig 7: Hacker Alert Page
fig 8: Acceptable filter
fig 9: Reverse Shell
fig 10 : sudo -l command
fig 11: Content of
fig 12: Running
fig 13: user flag
fig 14: the content of hacker.php
fig 15: HTTP server on Target System
fig 16: image downloaded into local system
fig 17: steghide
fig 18: trying to unzip the file
fig 19: Zip Password
fig 20: Unzip Sucess
fig 21: Content of sourcecode.php
fig 22: ssh anurodh
fig 23: Running HTTP server on the local machine
fig 24: Downloading on the target machine
fig 25: Output of linpeas
fig 26: Running docker command for privilege escalation
fig 27: Root privelege
fig 28: Root Flag.



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aayush malla

aayush malla

Data Engineer, Cybersecurity enthusiast , PLSQL, Data Analyst